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About Mooki

MOOKI CREATIVE is a freed ambition that's been nestled within my Architectural heart; designing unique treasures for creative souls.

I will always find joy in designing environments to be enjoyed spatially. Now, my creativity is transposed in designing accessory pieces to be enjoyed worn.

Every piece is considered, distinctive and a little bit statement. Meticulous care touches every handmade detail. From the tweezer placement of each stone detail, to the custom designed packages they are contained in.

Mooki Creative is committed to handmade, distinctive designs inspired by Architecture, natural materials and semi-precious stones.

Mooki Creative aspires to go beyond jewellery and accessories.

Mooki is me.

Mooki Murmurs

'I do what they can't do, I just do me'  - Eve [Lyrics  'Let me Blow Ya Mind']

I appreciate Chanel and channels

My fascination with stones est. 1991 at Garden World and childhood road trips

Hair down, coffee in, music up