Care Instructions

We take care in the hand making of every piece designed by Mooki Creative and by following these care instructions, your treasure should last with you.

Resin Jewellery

Your resin treasure is precious and very fragile.

Please be extra careful. It may break when knocked or dropped against hard surfaces, very much like glass.

We helped test that out for you in creative ways.

Best not to drop it like it's hot.

To keep your resin up to shine, wipe and buff with a clean cloth.



Precious Metals

The natural evolving quality of plated metals (including brass) over time is an admired quality to us.

The brass metal finishing at the base of our Podium Ring may develop a natural patina over time with wear and exposure to liquids, higher temperatures and/or skin moisture. Go Patina.

Some may discover a green coloured oxidation on their skin after contact from wear with sweat and moisture.

The brass plate is at the base so this is less likely.

If this is visible on your skin, it is no cause for concern. It is a normal result of oxidation from reaction to skin or skin moisture, in some of us, and not as a result of the make up of the piece.

If tarnish occurs, gently polish with a suitable metal agent and clean cloth.